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Steppin’ Back In Time, the CD


This CD contains music (and commentary on the music), that would be appropriate to the time period 1821 till 1865 that made its way to what was to become the great state of Texas. It is by no means an exhaustive survey of all the music present during that time. One CD couldn’t contain all of that information. It is however eclectic as well as entertaining and informative. It deals primarily with the great influence of the Northwestern European immigrants to this part of the world in the early to mid 19th Century.


Click on the following short MP3 music clips to hear samples of the CD music:

Soldier's Joy

Banish Misfortune

Westphalia Waltz

Farewell to the Creeks

To Anacreon in Heaven

The King of the Fairies

Fair Jenny's Jig

An Coolin'

The Home Ruler

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